Northern Underground Adrenaline Circuit

Sullivan challenge #16!!!!!!!

July 21-23, 2017 Kimberleys Annual Julyfest

Raceday / Weekend Information

The Clydesdale

Clydesdale will be at the same location as last year.  Wasa Provincial Park starting at parking lot #3.  Registration time is 7:30pm Friday July 21, 2017.  All participants must have 12 – 5% or greater beers.  Participants drink 8 beers and provide the winner with 4.  Past winners must drink 1 extra beer for every year won.  PARTICIPANTS ONLY, NO SPECTATORS! 

Bowl Smoker

Skatepark race will be at NOON Saturday July 22'nd 2017.  Location is the Kimberley skate park.  All abilities, All ages, $2 entry.  Winner takes all.  NO SCOOTERS!!! 


SUNDAY JULY 23'RD 2017!!!!!!!! Racing begins at 2pm RACER REGISTRATION IS AT NOON SHARP!!!!!!  Selkinrk High School parking lot. FULL FACE HELMET MANDATORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Entry fee is free WITH T-SHIRT PURCHASE. 18years or under MUST have a parent or guardian present to sign waiver. Awards and prize $$$ at the Sullivan Pub after 8pm.  So get fed and join the party! 

 Under NO circumstances is there to be ANY CAMPING AT SHNITZELS HOUSE.  NO CAMPING AT MY HOUSE!!..!!!  It is legal however to camp ANYWHERE YOU WANT IN TOWN, UP TOWN!!!!! 

Event Sponsors


 Producing Canadian boards and supporting the Sullivan Challenge singe day 1.  Canadian and worldwide racing wouldnt be the same without Landyachtz support. 


 Innovators of high end urethane products.  ALSO a Sullivan Challenge winner!  Venom was a huge part of the FREE SULLY movement.  Thank you Venom for your support! 

Sullivan Pub (400 Ross Street, Kimberley)

 The Sullivan Pub has been supporting the race for over a decade.  They support us with 1'st prize $$$ and host us for our awards party!  New this year we have a $500 cash prize for the fastest Lady of the day!  Thank you Sullivan Pub! 

B+B Glass (215 Mark Street, Kimberley)

 B+B Glass is allways there to support local events.  AND allways on the sidelines during raceday!  Thanx again for your continuing support B+B Glass! 

Earths Own Naturals (148 Howard Street, Kimberley)

 Brand new sponsor this year! Support them if your carded and need some medications.  They are 1/2 block from Berley Skates downtown Kimberley. 

Sullivan Machine Works

 Supporting AND racing the Sullivan Challenge since its early beginnings.  Without them we wouldnt have hay.  And without hay we might as well be in the Caribean!..  ha ha ha.  Inside joke.  THANK YOU SULLIVAN MACHINE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!  Well see you on the start line! 

Funhogz (917 Kootenay Street, Cranbrook)

 Funhogz has been supporting and helping the race since day one!!!!  They also support the scene by keeping Cranbrook stocked with quality longboarding products!  Thank you Funhogz! 

JAX Audio

 JAX keeps the vibe pumpin!  Local DJ with full PA gear.  His stuff is great, excellent sound!  Thanx JAX Audio! 

Berley Skates (110 Howard Street, Kimberley)

 Skateboard Manufacturer in Kimberley B.C.  They supply a printer and fax machine!  And a few other perks ;).....  thanx Berley! 


 Coastlongboarding sparked the legit B.C. racing scene.  Coast holds DANGER BAY which is exactly 1 month older than the Sullivan Challenge.  COAST and NUAC have partnered in holding the  worlds longest running downhill skateboard races.  This year being our 16'th year in a row.   Thank you Coast for all your support, help and stoke!

 NUAC has surpassed all downhill skateboard racing organizations.  20 years of racing closed AND open courses.....  And all done without a phone...  heh heh.... 

 Supporting these vendors helps the City of Kimberley house this event and keep the Sullivan Challenge FREE!